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Cognitive Behavioral Groups

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Cognitive Behavioral groups are an educational approach to helping men feel the way they want to feel and to achieve their goals. After an assessment our Certified Cognitive Therapist teaches men rational self-counseling concepts and techniques. Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy is very instructive, so the therapist spends most of the first few therapeutic group sessions teaching skills. These skills then help men to address personal problems in other areas of their life. Men learn the difference between practical problems, emotional problems, and imagined problems.


For men who want to "get things off their chest" the instructional nature of the groups might seem a little disconcerting. However, the instructive approach helps insure that men will feel the way they want to feel and achieve goals as quickly and as effectively as possible.


The beauty of our cognitive behavioral groups is that while teaching men skills to effectively deal with their current problems, they will also be learning how to apply these same skills to anything else that might come their way for the rest of their life!



"I have been able to truly start learning who I am, what I have to offer, and what my true purpose is in life...."


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