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     Many chemically dependent people continue to depend on toxic chemicals in an attempt to manage unwanted thoughts and feelings. After years of depending on toxic chemicals their body takes a tremendous beating. They may need a period of time to detoxify from this toxic exposure if the mind and body is to function properly. In extreme cases hospitalization may be needed for medical detoxification.

     Medically managed detoxification from chemical dependency is an organized service delivered by medical and nursing professionals. Services are delivered under a defined set of physician-approved policies and physician-managed procedures or medical protocols. It provides care to patients whose withdrawal signs and symptoms from ongoing chemical use are sufficiently severe to require primary medical care services.

     Many chemically addicted men fear the discomfort of withdrawal and a totally sober life. They often feel that they need some type of medicine to help manage their feelings is necessary to achieve sobriety. This medication dependent behavior can sometimes lead them back to the chemical dependency from which they are trying to escape. For example, the American Psychiatric Association states that fewer than 10% of individuals who develop alcohol withdrawal will ever develop dramatic symptoms (e.g., severe autonomic hyperactivity, tremors, alcohol withdrawal delirium) that may require hospitalization. However, many men with non-threatening withdrawal discomfort will look for relief with medically managed detoxification or other medication seeking behaviors.​ 


     Our statistics show that 30% of residents come to our program following medical detoxification from severe chemical abuse while 60% come with mild to moderate symptoms and benefit from a Social Detoxification.

 Ace Recovery For Men does not offer medically managed detoxification services. Instead, we provide a structure for Social Detoxification. 


     Social detoxification means detoxification in an organized residential non-medical setting delivered by a trained counselor who provides safe monitoring and support for a resident to achieve initial recovery from the effects of alcohol or another drug. Social detoxification is characterized by its emphasis on peer and social support and it provides care for residents whose intoxication or withdrawal signs and symptoms are sufficiently severe to require twenty-four-hour structure but the full resources of a medical detoxification are not necessary. Men are taught how to manage thoughts and feelings  more naturally through Rational Living Cognitive Therapy.

     For most of our residents seeking a sober lifestyle they benefit by coming directly to our 24 hour structured program, among the beauty of nature, without the need for a medical detoxification; Others enroll with us directly from a medical detoxification hospital to extend their period of sobriety in our retreat structured setting. Our residents leave better prepared for healthier living without chemical dependency.

Call now to learn if our 24 hour structured setting can help! 


Taking blood pressue

Medical detox means with a doctor's support and medications are usually necessary

Forest Hike

Social detox means 24 hr structured peer support and no medically managed treatment

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