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Structured Living Schedule

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By the time a client calls to enroll in our program their life has become

completely unmanageable. Their spirit, health, finances, and family relationships

have become damaged. Sometimes legal problems are beginning to be a

burden. We understand that the starting point for addiction rehabilitation is

detoxification and then learning how to live a structured life. While here

the daily schedule helps guide men back into a systematic way of performing

healthy behaviors. Without outside distractions, including the stress of work,

relationships, and access to mind altering chemicals men begin to reshape

their healthy behaviors through daily practice. This prepares them for their

return to the real world where they had lost sight of healthy daily routines.

Call us now to gain the benefits of getting away from community distractions

while learning a new way of life 1-866-709-6988.



  •    Residents out of Bed—beds made


  •    Morning Meeting (Beginning of Day—set recovery goals)

  •    RPT (Rehabilitative Physical Time, chores--self paced exercise)

  •    Free time        

  •    CBT group M.,W.,Fri. / 12-step Facilitation group T., Th., Sat.

  •    Break        

  •    CBT group M., W., Fri. / 12-step Facilitation group T., Th., Sat.

  •    Quiet time study


  •    LUNCH

  •    CBT group M., W., Fri., / 12-step Facilitation group T., Th., Sat.     

  •    Break

  •    CBT group M., W., Fri., / 12-step Facilitation group T., Th., Sat.

  •    Quiet study time or RPT exercise

  •    Twelve Step group meeting (closed-residents only)

  •    Free Time

  •    Personal Journal group discussion

  •    Group touch-in (houses meet separately)

  •    Free time


  •    DINNER 

  •    Free Time  

  •    Motivational 12-step Speaker Meeting 

  •    End of Day meeting--residents review goal accomplishments  

  •    Bedtime curfew 10:30 (Fri./Sat. 11:30)

    To cool their emotions some men lounge in the pool 


"I have been able to truly start learning who I am, what I have to offer, and what my true purpose is in life...."


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