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On the Phone

Utilizing our dual concept towards recovery we embrace the importance of the 12-step treatment

for some while supporting a cognitive-behavioral path to recovery for others. Men take advantage

of these evidenced-based treatment models and lower cost:

30 day stay $1970

60 day stay  $3670

90 day stay $4970

Men have traveled from Montana, California, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina,

Georgia, and Florida to our retreat program. Consistent with “the therapeutic value of one addict

helping another,” and guidance from the counselor, our program also works through our own

experiences with recovery. We are given the ability to help a fellow addict when no one else can.

So let's get you started on your steps to ARM recovery:


Step One - Call and speak with the Admission Coordinator at (843) 623-3077 or toll free:               


Step Two - Admission Coordinator identifies Applicant and gets a return call number for Applicant for Intake Screening. Also,  Applicant must have a relative, spouse, close friend, etc. that will assist with travel plans, payment, and be available in an emergency--also referred to as a Sponsor who helps facilitate a comfortable retreat stay for Applicant.


Step Three - Admissions Coordinator contacts Sponsor for confirmation then schedules convenient time to call Applicant for brief Intake Screening interview.


Step Four - After screening interview Applicant and/or Sponsor notified within one hour of acceptance into program. Applicant and/or Sponsor reminded of what to bring for length of treatment stay.

Contact Us

Your information is safe with us and will not be shared under any circumstance. If you would like more information about our programs, fill out this form to receive a confidential phone call.

Thanks! You will be contacted shortly by our staff.

What to Bring

Bedding for twin bed 

Laundry detergent 

Prescription medications


Healthy reading materials 

Personal toiletries such as soap & shampoo

Comfortable outdoor shoes & clothes for 2 weeks 

Alarm Clock/ No Radio Attachment

Washcloths & towels 

Picture ID/ SS Card

Do not Bring

Inappropriate clothing 


Over the counter drugs with alcohol or sleep aids 

Cell phones or electronics


Money order or cashiers check payable to Ace Recovery For Men

 $35 Residential Fee includes phone use

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