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DWI / DUI Education

Every 51 minutes, someone in this country dies because of impaired driving. Nearly every two minutes someone is injured. On average, a drunk driver will drive 80 times under the influence before their first arrest. Whether they were arrested for this offense or not most of the men in our program say that they have operated a motor vehicle while under the influence of some type of mind altering drug.

Our DWI education provides information about

the effects of substance use on the mind, body and driving ability. The education is also designed to help men:

  • Learn the laws about impaired driving

  • Review facts about alcohol and other drugs and how they affect driving ability.

  • Examine differences between nonuse, responsible use, misuse, and problem use.

  • Develop a plan for changing impaired driving behavior.

  • Be better prepared for the effort that is required to maintain positive changes.


Most people consider driving a right and a necessity. The law treats driving as a privilege and everyone may not be granted a license. 

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