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About Us


Mission Statement 

To help men who are struggling  with distress from alcohol or other drug addiction, get away into a natural setting, to find their own inner strength through detoxification and recovery at reasonable financial costs.




We are a charitable private not for profit organization established in 1994. The

agency began in Washington D.C. providing outreach services for the homeless

and started affordable drug abuse services in the SC region in 2001. Ace Recovery

for Men was established to address the higher risk men face from addiction

with a gender disadvantage they have from birth--they get into accidents more

regularly and have more unhealthy lifestyles than women.

Men's Retreat 

In the beautiful, rolling hills of the country we provide a better opportunity for men

to get far away from the driving forces of their addiction. They also do not have the

presence of the opposite sex which can greatly impede their progress (men do not

become distracted with any romantic entanglements and can be honest during groups; Men typically will feel more comfortable sharing personal issues i.e. safe sex). This setting is more therapeutic for men's recovery progress at a time when being open and honest can lead to important breakthroughs in their thinking. And being in nature reduces stress and increases pleasant feelings. Research science shows that exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally but also contributes to your physical wellbeing, reducing muscle tension and blood pressure. 


To see what the people who have been through our program think of Ace Recovery for Men and how their lives have changed, check out their testimonials!

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"I have been able to truly start learning who I am, what I have to offer, and what my true purpose is in life...."


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