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Are The Best Things In Life Free?

Upon reviewing my recovery literature I was suddenly struck by a simple sentence that stated that "we have found that joy doesn't come from material things, but from within ourselves." I decide to explore further.

Unfortunately, society teaches that the best way to feel contentment is by having more money and more material things outside ourselves to make us feel better about ourselves on the inside. However, after continuously observing the stoned-faces on many people with a great deal of material wealth, I often wondered, when are they going show deep laughter or show a sense of joy and contentment in their personality. After all, they have all the money and material wealth to make them happy, right?

As people we must be reminded more regularly of what research demonstrates are many of the free things in life that improves our sense well-being and contentment.

Here are some important things to think about.

Laughter is considered to be a natural and easy behavior to take part in. Research shows that it has positive effects on depression, insomnia, stress, anxiety and sleep quality. So be sure to LoL as much as you can. Exercise has been proven to improve one's sense of well-being in several ways. First it helps your body release hormones that give you a healthier emotional state. Second exercise helps "burn away" the chemical byproducts of anxiety and depression. Third, when we make exercise fun it gives us something enjoyable to look forward to. Research has shown that regular exercise is as effective as antidepressant medications for people who are depressed.

Finally, A growing body of evidence indicates that spiritual practices are associated with better health and well-being. For example, a daily Journal can help us become more aware of our inner life and feel more connected to experience and the world around us. Research shows that writing during difficult times helps us find meaning in life's challenges and become more positive in the face of obstacles. Also, Meditation can induce feelings of calm and a clear mind as well as improved concentration and attention. Prayer can elicit the relaxation response, along with feelings of hope, gratitude and compassion.

I am by no means telling people what they should be doing with their life or what should be important for them. I am simply making a point to consider--that some of the best things in life may be free!

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