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Reaching Out For a Higher Power?

I was recently impressed with the thousands of people who became extremely excited by the recent events in the sky. It was called an eclipse and many people drove hundreds of miles, booked hotels months in advance, and the news media reported it for hours. Why did we focus so much attention on this event and what did it mean?

We seemed to be naturally curious about this powerful event greater than ourselves. As we go about our busy day some of us rarely take a moment to look at our natural surroundings and how we are a part of this universal whole. During the eclipse our natural environment called us to pay attention since something greater than ourselves also granted us another day to observe this wonder.

Great natural wonders have a way of grabbing the attention of our inner spirit as nothing else can. However, given all the technological distractions and entertainment media we rarely feel moved or pay attention.

I would like to give thanks to all those higher powers that were at work to grab our attention for just a few minutes. I was reminded that this power is always available for us to reach out to for strength during seemingly challenging times.

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