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A Loving Higher Power

In our spiritual recovery efforts we are often confronted with exploring our concept of a higher power for a healthy recovery. I am always eager to discuss this concept with early recovering people since it is a crucial step towards a more complete inner peace.

When a new member in recovery needs more help with the higher power idea I always remind mind them that addiction had us in the grips of a higher power that was hateful and uncaring. In active addiction we are compelled to do things against our will all in the name of continuing our relationship with the uncaring higher power. We stole, lied, lost site of healthy career goals, put chemicals in our bodies and participated in other behaviors that were unproductive. All the while telling ourselves that this was bad and we needed to stop--but we couldn't. We needed help from a higher power that was loving and caring.

A loving higher power will compel us to behave in the opposite direction. Showing love and concern for others while participating in behaviors that are healthy for us. The effort to build this relationship however requires practice and commitment. I was sometimes impressed at the commitment addicts had towards the uncaring higher power--willing to give their life. The loving higher power will demand an equal amount of our time in the relationship. At a minimum twice a day dialogue not just a monologue. We must learn to listen (meditate) and follow the advice of the loving higher power to the best of our ability. No, we will not be perfect and that is not the intent of recovery work. However, over time with practice we will get better. Over time our will and our life will be in the grips of the loving higher power, and when we get off course we believe the loving higher power will be there to guide us.

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