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Should People Not Get High With Drugs and Seek a Sober Lifestyle?

Gaining Strength Through Meditation

This may sound like a simple question to ask. However, in our ever increasing technological and socially complex society it has become a question for many to ponder.

There is an opioid epidemic in America. Emerging adults are searching for meaning in life out of the chaos that seems to surround them. Strong, bright and talented young adults are frequently confused and frustrated by their inability to achieve life goals. At the same time many people are not yet able to appreciate the need to change emotional, attitudinal and behavioral roadblocks to personal success. During times of emotional disruption and social chaos, using drugs to alter perceptions of reality seems inviting. In desperation they may scream inside "how can I keep from not going crazy without something to help me?" If we as simple humans in an ever increasing complex society are to find inner peace we need to tap a source of power that is greater than the chaos of life.

Should we get high with the power of drugs in an effort to calm our turmoil or learn to pray and meditate? I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT RELIGION HERE. What is being suggested is that the influence of the pressures of society can seem so overwhelming that we feel that we can't get through it without help. Some people may turn to drugs while others may pray and meditate for inner strength.

Praying and meditating is like having a jack in your car, you may need it when you get a flat tire and the car is too heavy for you to lift and you need help to get going. As it is in life you may sometimes need help greater than your own--a higher power. The higher power, your car jack, can get your car up so you can get back on the road to your goals and destination. So the question is how do you get the help of your higher power when the rigors of life seem to be too overwhelming?

There are many books on prayer and meditation. They may not fit you, and I'm not saying that they should, but I am saying that some form of regular prayer and meditation is necessary. You can't lift the car otherwise and the challenges of life can have you stopped feeling that getting high with drugs is the only way to go.

I would never judge anyone for using a drug for relief during times of stress or sadness. The purpose of this article is to discuss other options.

Good luck meeting your life goals!

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